Bug 5816 - Image surfaces do not start out blank by default
Summary: Image surfaces do not start out blank by default
Alias: None
Product: cairo
Classification: Unclassified
Component: png functions (show other bugs)
Version: 1.1.1
Hardware: x86 (IA32) All
: high critical
Assignee: Carl Worth
QA Contact: cairo-bugs mailing list
Keywords: patch
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Reported: 2006-02-06 04:51 UTC by Dom Lachowicz
Modified: 2006-04-14 16:35 UTC (History)
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Description Dom Lachowicz 2006-02-06 04:51:55 UTC
Please see librsvg bug http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=323114,
especially comment #12, which I will copy here. I'd be ok with
FbPixelsCreateForData not to do this initialization since you can presume it's
been done already at a higher level. Or, alternately, make them both zero out
the pixels for consistency's sake.

While librsvg creates an image surface from its
own zeroed-out data when it calls cairo_image_surface_create_for_data() (the
rsvg-view case), cairo does not do the same when in
cairo_image_surface_create() (the rsvg-convert case). It may be that cairo
expects us to call CAIRO_OPERATOR_CLEAR on the surface, but I contend that
necessity is bogus, since the presumption should be "you get a blank surface by
default", not "you get an undefined, probably corrupt surface by default". The
following patch to cairo/pixman/src/icpixels.c fixes the problem.

Index: pixman/src/icpixels.c
RCS file: /cvs/cairo/cairo/pixman/src/icpixels.c,v
retrieving revision 1.9
diff -u -p -u -r1.9 icpixels.c
--- pixman/src/icpixels.c       25 Jun 2005 03:13:19 -0000      1.9
+++ pixman/src/icpixels.c       5 Feb 2006 17:49:34 -0000
@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@ FbPixelsCreate (int width, int height, i
        return NULL;

     buf = (pixman_bits_t *) ((char *)pixels + base + adjust);
+    memset(buf, 0, height * stride);

     FbPixelsInit (pixels, buf, width, height, depth, bpp, stride);
Comment 1 Dom Lachowicz 2006-02-06 06:18:32 UTC
I'm weary that the solution I'll be told (and the workaround already posted in
that librsvg bug) is "use CAIRO_OPERATOR_CLEAR and cairo_paint(). But I'd like
to preempt that if possible. I think that the metaphor cairo should follow is as

An artist asks her friend for a sheet of paper to draw on. At this point, the
friend can do one of two things:

1) Give the artist back a clean sheet of paper (zero the pixels by default)
2) Give the artist back a piece of paper with complete with scribbles done by
her 2-year old daughter, and a bottle of white out (CAIRO_OPERATOR_CLEAR,
cairo_paint()). Caveat emptor.

I think if this is an appropriate analogy, #1 is clearly correct and #2 would
(deservedly) get a blank stare from the artist.
Comment 2 Carl Worth 2006-04-15 09:35:11 UTC

You win. That behavior was really annoying.

I've just committed a change to 1.1.1 to fix this, and I mailed out to the cairo
list asking for any objections:


If anyone has any compelling objections, we can re-open this. But for now, it is


PS. And thanks for the patch!

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