Bug 28072 - Regression: i965: neverball is unplayably slow with mesa 7.8 and xserver 1.8.0
Summary: Regression: i965: neverball is unplayably slow with mesa 7.8 and xserver 1.8.0
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Product: Mesa
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Drivers/DRI/i965 (show other bugs)
Version: unspecified
Hardware: Other All
: medium normal
Assignee: Eric Anholt
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Keywords: NEEDINFO
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Reported: 2010-05-11 18:53 UTC by Nick Bowler
Modified: 2011-01-31 13:04 UTC (History)
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Complete build log. (198.89 KB, text/plain)
2010-05-13 16:22 UTC, Nick Bowler
Throttle after doing copyregion/swapbuffers round trip (6.01 KB, patch)
2010-05-18 20:03 UTC, Kristian Høgsberg
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Description Nick Bowler 2010-05-11 18:53:17 UTC
I ran into this a while ago while testing for bug 27277.  The symptoms are very
similar to that bug, but I'm pretty sure it's actually a different problem, so
I'm filing a new bug.

With mesa 7.8.1 and xserver 1.8.0, neverball is extremely jerky to the point of
being unplayable.  Both are required to be recent: the game works perfectly
with server 1.7.7 and/or mesa 7.7.1.  Only larger window sizes are affected
(i.e. 1280x1024), small sizes (i.e. 640x480) remain smooth.

The issue still exists in mesa git master.

I'm using a ThinkPad T500 with a GM45, with xf86-video-intel-2.11.0.  Bisection
was inconclusive due to compile errors near the end, but here are the results:

There are only 'skip'ped commits left to test.
The first bad commit could be any of:
We cannot bisect more!

git bisect start
# bad: [edbc302ad678e1a4a8803ba0e827a13dd27105d2] mesa/st+tgsi: Provide a free callback to match with ureg_get_tokens().
git bisect bad edbc302ad678e1a4a8803ba0e827a13dd27105d2
# good: [0c88e340499c961cc7a06107a727710a67e280ed] mesa: Add 7.7.1 release MD5 sums
git bisect good 0c88e340499c961cc7a06107a727710a67e280ed
# good: [68ca19afd7299fa9c686f95d53b7e14df37aba4c] mesa: Don't bind DRAW/READ_FRAMEBUFFER separately without FBO blit support
git bisect good 68ca19afd7299fa9c686f95d53b7e14df37aba4c
# bad: [bee9964b29b2428ee75e2d1efc0e1d2c2518a417] Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into lp-binning
git bisect bad bee9964b29b2428ee75e2d1efc0e1d2c2518a417
# good: [d28740c298968303500a8c43047ded2679e727ac] Move pf_is_depth_stencil() to u_format auxiliary module.
git bisect good d28740c298968303500a8c43047ded2679e727ac
# good: [ba33ef00118d1c6017585af1498b89e99fe045be] lvmpipe: Initialize all coordinates.
git bisect good ba33ef00118d1c6017585af1498b89e99fe045be
# bad: [11cf3cb2c463cf8af8a7e63eb9521979bfd303f8] egl: Fix leaks in eglReleaseThread.
git bisect bad 11cf3cb2c463cf8af8a7e63eb9521979bfd303f8
# good: [daccc962a15f333a4759849d7088b0c985189175] r100: add blit support
git bisect good daccc962a15f333a4759849d7088b0c985189175
# good: [1ca22855119508457b2cbd9a0a3b840e47a61eff] progs/fp: testcases for GL_ARB_fragment_coord_conventions
git bisect good 1ca22855119508457b2cbd9a0a3b840e47a61eff
# good: [76bc66b664c7e135aa9c06cedd94ee1961d68c70] r300g: fix up buffer emission ordering.
git bisect good 76bc66b664c7e135aa9c06cedd94ee1961d68c70
# good: [85059964307c3f10e4a328d82af2bb791a5a4927] radeong: do not emit a zero-sized command stream
git bisect good 85059964307c3f10e4a328d82af2bb791a5a4927
# skip: [9b22427911ad27efc1f36faee9462c6082d0417c] Merge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
git bisect skip 9b22427911ad27efc1f36faee9462c6082d0417c
# bad: [6f6f3e4227855c87a78a717bce7374a7d64172ce] egl: Add _eglGetAPIContext.
git bisect bad 6f6f3e4227855c87a78a717bce7374a7d64172ce
# good: [7e7f8815fbfa21ab2397e673fa19c36603bc7a51] r300: rv350+ support FLT16_2/4 vertex formats
git bisect good 7e7f8815fbfa21ab2397e673fa19c36603bc7a51
# good: [a098fd71d7b7347bb8f1841bad0e7ce24e0e6de9] i965: Fix build after merge of mesa stable branch.
git bisect good a098fd71d7b7347bb8f1841bad0e7ce24e0e6de9
# bad: [7aed23c36288c2b343073d6d06ca0ea167805cd3] intel: Don't do client-side frame throttling with DRI2 SwapBuffers.
git bisect bad 7aed23c36288c2b343073d6d06ca0ea167805cd3
# skip: [5e1851b144a97bd577409dd5c6f3f6f45b4ff56f] i965: Remove unnecessary malloc/free in VS binding table setup.
git bisect skip 5e1851b144a97bd577409dd5c6f3f6f45b4ff56f
# skip: [c7fc9bfb2207638a479ddaff3ad108ffd9cd294a] Revert "intel: Use the new DRI2 flush invalidate entrypoint to signal frame done."
git bisect skip c7fc9bfb2207638a479ddaff3ad108ffd9cd294a
Comment 1 Eric Anholt 2010-05-13 15:52:43 UTC
Could you try with mesa master and xserver master?  I suspect that the invalidate changes have fixed this.
Comment 2 Nick Bowler 2010-05-13 16:22:58 UTC
Created attachment 35644 [details]
Complete build log.

I'd love to, but git xserver fails to build.
Comment 3 Kristian Høgsberg 2010-05-18 20:03:35 UTC
Created attachment 35744 [details] [review]
Throttle after doing copyregion/swapbuffers round trip

Here's a patch that enables throttling unconditionally like Franciscos patch in comment 20 of bug 27277, but in a way that reduces the overhead of always throttling.  Can you give it a try and see if it fixes the jerkyness?
Comment 4 Nick Bowler 2010-05-18 20:23:01 UTC
> Here's a patch that enables throttling unconditionally like Franciscos patch
> in comment 20 of bug 27277, but in a way that reduces the overhead of always
> throttling.  Can you give it a try and see if it fixes the jerkyness?

It is a _massive_ improvement, but it's still noticeably jerky.  Francisco's
patch, on the other hand, completely fixes this.  Just tested both patches
against git master.
Comment 5 Eric Anholt 2010-08-30 11:31:50 UTC
Is this fixed for you now?
Comment 6 Nick Bowler 2010-08-30 11:34:39 UTC
The game is still jerkier than it used to be, although it's not nearly as bad now.
Comment 7 Eric Anholt 2011-01-04 13:16:58 UTC
Here's a newer commit which may help:

commit 76360d6abc9e0195bc5c373101ae616e68b2e6e6
Author: Eric Anholt <eric@anholt.net>
Date:   Tue Nov 9 13:30:27 2010 -0800

    intel: Fix the client-side swapbuffers throttling.
    We were asking for a wait to GTT read (all GPU rendering to it
    complete), instead of asking for all GPU reading from it to be
    complete.  Prevents swapbuffers-based apps from running away with
    rendering, and produces a better input experience.

(If yes, please close, if not, please clear NEEDINFO)
Comment 8 Chris Wilson 2011-01-31 12:52:04 UTC
I've just installed and played this on an 965GM. Felt very smooth.
Comment 9 Nick Bowler 2011-01-31 13:04:42 UTC
Yeah, it seems good enough these days -- certainly the game is playable.  Since
I can't remember anymore how well it used to run, I can't tell if it's better
or worse than it used to be.  So no objections from me about closing this bug.

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