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21 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
23511 LTSP Installe jam NEW --- RPM is failed after update failure and rebuild its db. 2009-08-25
35033 LibreOff Presenta libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Allow inline graphics, formulas in impress (and draw) 2014-10-24
26244 Telepath fargo david.laban NEW --- Handle more than just one audio stream. 2010-12-10
26847 Telepath fargo david.laban NEW --- Invalid parameters can confuse fargo, requiring a fargo restart. 2010-03-22
61998 libatasm library lennart NEW --- Fails to read status from WD raptors 2017-10-04
55142 LibreOff graphics libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Character position doesn't match caret position in justified text 2014-06-05
45568 Ytstenut tp-ytste robert.staudinger NEW --- The server-file-transfer example is not very exemplary 2012-02-03
19808 OHM General rob.taylor NEW --- [patch] ohmd/ohm-plugin.c: fix an off-by-one 2009-01-29
26633 Wocky General sjoerd NEW --- Add option for user-defined TLS verification function. 2012-04-10
26685 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- Wocky 'xtls' branch 2014-02-06
30331 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- Wocky support for S5B through IOStream 2010-09-22
31447 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- port wocky to gio TLS 2016-02-21
63070 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- Make WockyDataForm API nicer, and use GVariant rather than GValue 2013-04-03
65657 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- Jingle: wait for session-initiate ack, then send candidates 2013-06-27
79592 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- Add GIR support 2014-06-06
26204 Telepath fargo david.laban NEW --- should ideally check that incoming stanzas are addressed to us 2010-03-22
17696 hal build zeuthen NEW --- [patch] always use sys/inotify.h 2008-09-21
30664 Wocky General nicolas ASSI --- Wocky support for IBB through IOStream 2010-10-06
30682 Wocky General nicolas ASSI --- Support for SI File transfer 2016-02-21
61448 Wocky General smcv ASSI --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi, case/esac 2013-02-25
6560 LTSP local de jam REOP --- [patch] ltspfs mount points fail on NFS 2008-01-11
21 bugs found.


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