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18 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
99573 libva intel haihao.xiang NEW --- [NM70][H264] h264 encoding does not works, return empty frames 2017-02-03
97086 libva intel yakui.zhao NEW --- [SNB]invalid VASurfaceID when filtering a surface for color space transform 2017-03-06
97070 libva intel haihao.xiang ASSI --- H.264 encoder produces invalid motion vectors with certain inputs 2016-07-27
98311 libva intel haihao.xiang ASSI --- Bus error (core dumped) 8192x8192 JPEG decode 2016-11-02
99193 libva intel haihao.xiang ASSI --- [Feature request] add support for YUV background colors 2017-01-05
91624 libva intel peng.c.chen ASSI --- [SKL] hwaccel putimage doesn't check format 2016-12-14
91626 libva intel peng.c.chen ASSI --- [HSW..] vpp number of filters assertion 2016-12-14
96545 libva intel peng.c.chen ASSI --- HEVC CQP Encoding has shade on big QP(for example, QP=50) 2016-09-08
97633 libva intel peng.c.chen ASSI --- loadjpeg will crash for ffmpeg generated content 2016-11-02
98317 libva intel pengfei.qu ASSI --- [BSW]GPU HANG: ecode 8:0:0x7f5f7f7f, in ba [916], reason: Ring hung, action: reset 2016-12-14
98850 libva intel yakui.zhao ASSI --- Libva intel-driver(i965) master branch can't decode field VC1 2016-12-14
68492 libva intel focus.luo REOP --- [IVB/BYT/BSW] Macroblocking artifact seen on a VC1 video file 2016-12-07
67150 libva intel haihao.xiang REOP --- [HSW]JPEG decode would core dumped with loadjpeg 2016-02-26
97970 libva intel haihao.xiang REOP --- i965 driver does not free buffers after they are passed to vaRenderPicture() 2017-05-29
75287 libva intel haihao.xiang NEED --- The h264encode doesn't free memory when it should 2016-01-12
79377 libva intel peng.c.chen NEED --- MADI on at least IVB and SNB assumes that reference surface is NV12, even when it's not (e.g. when feeding YUY2 surfaces from software to VPP) 2016-01-12
95249 libva intel yakui.zhao NEED --- [BYT] GPU HANG: ecode 1:0xa8eeeb7e, in DVDPlayerVideo [4335], reason: Ring hung, action: reset in bsd ring 2016-12-16
96434 libva intel yakui.zhao NEED --- VA_FILTER_SCALING_HQ downscaling from 4096x2160 to 176x144 only has a part of the source image 2016-12-15
18 bugs found.


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