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29 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8349 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- Hal should provide /media/cdrom symlink 2013-03-15
20606 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- hal incorrectly requires pressure reporting to assign input.touchpad capability 2009-05-23
24462 hal hald danny.kukawka NEW --- Storage devices being polled even when storage.removable.support_async_notification = true 2010-03-08
24464 hal hald danny.kukawka NEW --- Eject button detection doesn't work with drives supporting ATAPI AN 2010-03-08
29101 hal hald danny.kukawka NEW --- arguments to dbus_set_error_from_message() were incorrect 2011-08-10
15113 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- hald doesn't react properly to repeated calls to hal-disable-polling 2008-03-18
15421 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- Dell brightness controls don't work. 2008-06-11
15632 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- Hald doesn't starts: dbus_bus_request_name(): Connection ":1.6" is not allowed to own the service "org.freedesktop.Hal" due to security policies in the configuration file 2008-04-21
16362 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- Support bootup times on some machines 2008-06-15
16734 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- MacBook backlight addon doesn't work on MacBook Air 2008-07-16
17227 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- HAL gives no information about whether an OSS PCM device can do playback or capture 2008-08-20
18184 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- usb_device.vendor and usb_device.product - always query from the device 2008-12-04
18375 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- hald does not handle one-key keyboards correctly 2009-12-27
18678 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- iriver E100 is broken in USB Mass Storage mode 2008-11-23
21589 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- LUKS volumes not detected properly 2009-05-07
21916 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- Should not poll device containing root filesystem 2009-05-24
23423 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- HAL doesn't recognize raid0 md-devices 2009-08-20
26231 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- hald aborts device enumeration on non-x86 NetBSD 2011-08-10
30174 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- hald does not refresh the status of a RAID array 2010-09-14
45094 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- hal 0.5.14 is trying to include internal glib headers 2012-05-26
46668 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- HAL does not recognize Video4Linux device created by vloopback 2012-02-26
48147 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- hald needs to sense that device is unmounted outside 2012-04-01
21291 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- org.freedesktop.Hal.Storage.Eject always fails 2009-04-23
78137 hal hald zeuthen NEW --- Duplicate word system in hald(8) man page 2014-04-30
6977 hal hald zeuthen REOP --- Samsung YP-Z5 MP3/OGG/WMA Player 2008-01-11
9721 hal hald zeuthen REOP --- macbook lcp panel 2013-03-26
17042 hal hald zeuthen REOP --- HAL ignores video4linux virtual devices (like vivi) 2012-04-17
18182 hal hald zeuthen REOP --- hot-plugged USB devices lack configuration information 2008-10-31
33619 hal hald zeuthen REOP --- udf mount options uid=ignore, uid=forget not allowed 2011-08-10
29 bugs found.


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